RV Deals: Brown’s RV Diamond Status

Are you looking for an easy way to get better deals on your favorite brands, parts, and services for your RV?  When you join Brown’s RV’s Diamond Status customers, you’ll receive specials that are only available to our most exclusive customers.  Find out more about these great RV deals below.


Preferred Labor Rates

When you join Brown’s RV’s Diamond Status customers, you’ll receive access to our preferred labor rates.  That means any time you bring in your RV to our service center, that you’ll qualify for special rates and discounts.

Preferred Service Status

Get in ahead of the crowd when you’re a Diamond Status customer.  We’ll get your RV in and out quickly and put priority on your service and maintenance appointments.

Discounts on Parts & Accessories

Save on all your camping necessities!  Enjoy discounts and specials on parts and accessories for your RV that are only available to with Diamond Status.  Have new and pre-owned parts available that will help you find the best fit possible for your RV and your budget.

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Email Promotions

Join our mailing list and receive updates on upcoming promotions and sales ahead of time.  These emails may even offer additional discounts or savings exclusively to our members.

Priority RV Network®

Get the benefits of being part of the Priority RV Network®.  This group was formed when independent dealers wanted to join together to provide additional savings and discounts for their customers.  This network also offers benefits like Roadside assistance, highly-educated, certified technicians, and specialized insurance, among other benefits.


1 Free Year of Camping

Our Diamond Status customers can qualify for one full year of free camping!  Visit our website for a list of qualifying campgrounds.

Contact us today for more details on how to join the Brown’s RV Diamond Status customers!  We’ll happily walk you through the steps and show you how you can save big by signing up.

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