RV Tips: 5 Ways to Make Your First Camping Trip More Enjoyable

Camping is one of the best ways to connect with nature and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It can be overwhelming to plan your first camping trip if you have no idea what to bring or do to make the most of your time. Take a look at these five RV tips ways to make sure your first camping trip goes as smoothly as possible!

view out of a tent camping


Make sure you know what your sleeping arrangements are going to look like on your first camping trip. Are you going to sleep in a tent? In a sleeping bag under the stars? In a hammock? You should also make sure you plan ahead for what campsite you plan to stay at. Most campsites will take reservations ahead of time to ensure your camping trip goes smoothly.


It is essential to keep yourself hydrated throughout your entire camping trip. Spending time in the sun will require you to drink water all day. Bring plenty of water to make sure you stay hydrated through your entire outdoor vacation.

water bottle camping


Bugs can be a real nuisance if you don’t plan ahead to keep them away from you. Make sure you bring plenty of insect repellent with you on your first camping trip. This will make sure you keep your mosquito bites to a minimum so you can enjoy your time around the campfire.


You didn’t get yourself to the great outdoors to fill your days with things that won’t make memories. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new on your first camping trip. Take a hike on a trail you’ve never been on, or pick an outdoor activity you’ve never tried before. From canoeing to bird-watching, you are sure to find something new to try.

hiking with a group


Plan to unplug from your devices, take a break from your everyday life, and be carefree. You are not going to want to take the stress and burdens of your busy life with you. Take the time you need to relax and be carefree on your first camping trip.
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